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Founded in 2022, Smart Medical City eagers to realize the conversion and medical service synergies with the help of five top smart digital medicine technologies. We are prone to make people be capable of arousing the awareness of technology manipulation and to pursue health simultaneously by internet, artificial intelligence and so forth.

Located in the 4th to 6th floor of Smart Medical city, Smart Clinic combines digital imaging, digital surgery, artificial intelligence, electronic health records, telehealth together to conduct high quality and safety medical services and experiences. With all kinds of digital therapeutics and designs, all ages could enjoy different health promotion, medical diagnostic procedure and digital caring service from next generation. In addition, the healthy residence, YesChain pharmacy, smart wellness center could all provide you with luxury delights.

Smart Medical City is the comprehensive expression of Min-Sheng Medial Group in the past 47 years. We care about people and would love to fulfill people’s need not only just in medical services but also health, dieting, accommodation and all related.

With a smartphone, you could get into Smart Medical City without any obstacles and all data of your activities, such as medical appointments, health check schedule and result, the medication consultation appointments are able to be reviewed in the App.

Smart Medical City

From Taoyuan Railway Station, it takes only 5 minutes to arrive Smart Medical City. You could find yourself easily between Min-Sheng road and Zhongzheng road because of the magnitude of Smart Medical city.