Min-Sheng General Hospital

Minsheng General Hospital was established in 1975 and has gradually evolved into a comprehensive "medical health enterprise system." The group continuously breaks traditional hospital management through innovative business models, and through investments, spin-offs, and mergers and acquisitions, it creates a complete and precise ecosystem for holistic health.

Da-Yuan Min-Sheng Hospital

Da-Yuan Minsheng Hospital is a high-quality and professional community hospital located in the coastal area of Taoyuan. We provide friendly, safe, and patient-centered medical services. Continuously introducing the latest medical equipment and recruiting talented individuals, we offer various services to the residents of the Da-Yuan district. These services include health check-ups, cancer screenings, chronic disease care, ophthalmic surgery, orthopedics and rehabilitation services, computed tomography (CT) scans, and home care.
As the guardian and close neighbor of the community, we strive to protect the health of our fellow residents and provide convenient medical care.
Longtan Min-Sheng Hospital

The President of the Min-Sheng Healthcare System, Mr. Min-Sheng Yang, assessed the vast and beautiful landscape of the Longtan area in the early 1970s. However, it was evident that within a 15-kilometer radius, there was a significant lack of medical facilities. In response to the government's call for "rural healthcare," and with the generous consent of Mr. Li-Chuan Chung, who donated the land of the former Hua-Hsin Kindergarten, the Longtan branch was established and officially opened on August 8, 1977.
Currently, our focus is on patient-centered case management, community integrated care, and health promotion to meet the healthcare needs of the local community. We continuously strive for quality improvement to enhance the health of the people and create a sense of connection, context, and personal value for the community residents.
Longtan Min-Sheng Hospital, your friendly neighbor.
ShareHope Medicine Co., Ltd.

Shenghong Pharmaceutical Co.(OTC 8403) was established in 2003 as the first enterprise in the country to provide integrated medical logistics services. Its business scope has expanded from medical services to include cloud procurement, medical device manufacturing, preventive medicine, pharmaceutical supply, e-commerce, and long-term care. Shenghong plays the role of a resource integrator and is committed to building a digital transformation and healthcare ecosystem in the medical industry. Through innovative services, it effectively assists medical institutions in enhancing their competitiveness. Shenghong officially went public on the Taiwan Over-the-Counter (OTC) market on March 1, 2011.

Min-Sheng Smart Clinic

Min-Sheng Smart Clinic Center was established in 2022. Through the implementation of five key elements, Min-Sheng Smart Medical City enables everyone to engage in activities related to health pursuit and disease treatment using mobile internet and big data analysis.