President's Team

Minsheng Medical Group's founder, Min-Sheng Yang , along with Vice Presidents Yun Zhang , Zon-Gxi Lin , Yang-Quan Zhang, and Chief Advisor  Wen-Ming Li, jointly established a comprehensive health, medical, and care service ecosystem. They lead the group in providing physical services to the people of Taoyuan and Taiwan as a whole, as well as offering online telemedicine and health management services. This ensures that people in Taiwan and around the world can enjoy state-of-the-art digital health services without any time difference.
Shenghong Team

Shenghong Pharmaceutical Co.(OTC 8403) was established in 2003 as the first enterprise in the country to provide integrated medical logistics services. Its business scope has expanded from medical services to include cloud procurement, medical device manufacturing, preventive medicine, pharmaceutical supply, e-commerce, and long-term care. Shenghong plays the role of a resource integrator and is committed to building a digital transformation and healthcare ecosystem in the medical industry. Through innovative services, it effectively assists medical institutions in enhancing their competitiveness. Shenghong officially went public on the Taiwan Over-the-Counter (OTC) market on March 1, 2011.
President's Executive Team

Since Professor Wen-Zhong Chen, an authority in cardiovascular medicine, assumed the position of President of the Minsheng Medical System, the system has continuously introduced innovative medical technologies and expedited administrative processes. It has also incorporated professional medical resources from National Taiwan University, emphasizing talent cultivation. The system focuses on innovative medical services and interdisciplinary team-integrated care, constantly strengthening the medical capabilities and quality of care for critical and severe cases.
Da-Yuan Hospital President's Team

Da-Yuan Minsheng Hospital is a high-quality, specialized community hospital located in the coastal area of Taoyuan. It provides friendly, safe, and humane medical services, introducing the latest medical equipment and recruiting talent. The hospital offers a wide range of services to the residents of the Da-Yuan district, including health check-ups, cancer screenings, chronic disease care, ophthalmic surgeries, orthopedics and rehabilitation services, computerized tomography (CT) imaging, and home nursing.
Longtan Hospital President's Team

Longtan Minsheng Hospital, inaugurated on August 8, 1988, was the first cancer treatment center in southern Taoyuan. It has enhanced the medical standards in the Longtan area through advanced equipment and excellent physicians. In recent years, the hospital has transformed itself with a focus on community services. From the renal dialysis center to respiratory therapy wards and nursing homes, it has increased its involvement in community services. It has established medical concierge service points, dementia service points, and a silver fitness club.
Minsheng Intelligent Medical City Team

The Minsheng Intelligent Medical City team provides services including digital imaging, digital surgery, artificial intelligence, digital medical records, and telemedicine. Through the use of apps, wireless physiological measurement devices, smartwatches, and various healthcare products, they assist people in achieving smart health and enjoying a stress-free life.
Nursing Team

Nurses play an indispensable role in the healthcare team, working together with physicians to provide integrated and high-quality nursing care. Guided by the principles of "care," "quality," and "efficiency," they implement clinical care standards and provide patients with comprehensive and professional nursing care.
Community Medical Team

Community medical centers provide person-centered, community-based, and health-friendly services. Our greatest goal is to promote holistic health and healthy living. By connecting hospitals, clinics, and local resources, we offer health promotion activities, early detection and treatment, long-term care services, and home medical care. We collaborate with grassroots clinics to safeguard the health of the community.
Nutritionist Team

With the philosophy of "Nutrition matters, Healthy actions, Support for daily nutritional practice," our nutritionists provide high-quality and tailored nutrition integration care services that fit into the daily lives of patients. They have obtained certifications in nutrition care for various diseases, including diabetes, kidney disease, heart failure, long-term care, dementia, community nutrition, and critical care. Combining these services with healthy meal offerings, we promote the practice of healthy nutrition in daily life.
Pregetic Medical Health Co., Ltd.

Pregetic Medical Healthis Taiwan's first preventive medicine health service company, committed to becoming a leader in Taiwan's large health industry. We aim to promote the concept of health risk management to the public. Through scientifically validated genetic testing as part of holistic health, we develop risk prediction models through big data analysis. We have also developed extensive databases of genetic information and expanded applications, as well as medical and health methods for gut microbiota testing.
Harvard Clinic Team

Since joining the Minsheng Medical System in 2019, theHarvard Clinic became Taiwan's first JCI-accredited health check center in 2020. Currently, we have "Harvard Neihu," "Harvard Da'an," and the "Harvard Health Management Center" in Taipei City. In 2022, we established "Harvard Tainan," expanding our services in precision preventive medicine, health care, and genetic testing throughout Taiwan.
Yes Chain Co, Ltd.

Yes Chain Co., Ltd., founded in 1989, is the first chain pharmacy in Taiwan where pharmacists personally practice. Currently, there are 98 branches nationwide, positioning themselves as community health service centers. On July 1, 2018, they joined the Minsheng Medical System, expanding their services from pharmaceutical sales to intelligent healthcare. They provide comprehensive community pharmacy services to the public, including preventive care, medication consultation, and health maintenance.
Smart Medzone Co, Ltd.

Smart Medzone Co, Ltd. is a company dedicated to enhancing the pre, during, and post-treatment processes for the public through digitized and information-based systems. They create a smart and innovative medical experience through an integrated one-stop service of software and hardware. In the Minsheng Smart Medical City, they have introduced the "Healthy Residence" service, a hotel-style apartment that combines smart technology to promote the concept of smart and healthy living. They aim to provide guests with a happy and fulfilling accommodation experience.
Health Management and Anti-Aging Center Team

The Health Management and Anti-Aging Center combines top experts from both domestic and international fields to provide professional medical services through precise testing, precise treatment, autologous immunotherapy, and regenerative therapy. Their services include precise assessment of biomarkers and physiological function testing. They utilize intelligent clinical products and medical technologies to offer a comfortable and professional medical environment, allowing customers to fully enjoy personal privacy and health care.
Employee Clinic Team

The Employee Clinic at the Hsinchu Science Park has been operated by the Minsheng General Hospital since the year 2011 under the commission of the Hsinchu Science Park Administration Bureau. Their aim is to provide high-quality and comfortable medical services and health care to the employees in the science park. Their services include National Health Insurance outpatient services, such as occupational medicine, occupational health services, health check-ups, emergency aid, emergency safety training, health promotion activities, cancer screening, vaccination, epidemic prevention support, and community preventive medicine promotion.
Yi Jen Charity Foundation

In the year 1986, President Min-Sheng Yang  established the "Yi Jen Charity Foundation" with the initial goal of assisting vulnerable patients and extending social care and assistance to more people in need. Over the past decade, the foundation has gradually transitioned to focus on silver welfare services and has successfully promoted various innovative "Youth-Silver Mutual Benefit" service programs. Since 2020, they have established the "Eileen Dementia Community Service Base" to promote correct understanding of dementia and provide direct services to families affected by dementia within the community.