Appointment Registration

System Features:

Use the SmartMed City app or website for online appointment registration.

Appointment records are stored in the SmartMed City app for easy access and reference.

Receive push notifications as reminders before the scheduled appointment.

Expected Goals:

Responsive web design (RWD) for easy accessibility on various devices.
Queue-free system, eliminating the need to wait in long lines.

Access Control Management

System Features:

Members use QR codes to enter and exit SmartMed City.

Accompanying individuals scan the on-site QR code to log their entry and exit information.

Expected Goals:

Comprehensive access control to ensure the safety of patients and residents in SmartMed City.

Medical Questionnaire

System Features:

Prompting patients to fill out the questionnaire upon completing the registration process.

Automatically displaying corresponding questionnaire items based on department/physician.

Automatically generating interval statistical analysis data for clinics/physicians to reference.

Expected Goals:

Accelerating physicians' understanding of patient needs.

Assisting patients in structurally understanding essential medical information.


System Features:

Use mobile phones for electronic check-in.

Real-time access to medical appointment information.

Pre-appointment reminders through the app and SMS notifications.

Expected Goals:

Queue-free experience.

Ability to temporarily leave the premises.

Reduction of unnecessary contact.

Physiological Measurement

System Features:

Self-service physiological measurement station.

Provides various health data measurements such as blood pressure, height, weight, body temperature, and other detection functions.

Expected Goals:

Elimination of paper records.

Automatic data integration with the Healthcare Information System (HIS) through cloud connectivity, providing doctors with reference data for diagnosis.

Physician Consultation

System Features:

Integration with the DigiMed Intelligent Voice Service Platform(Hermes).

Use voice input to replace manual data entry.

Expected Goals

Reduce the burden on physicians.

Push medical orders, health education, and other information to patient and family member apps.


System Features:

Integration with multiple payment methods such as Line Pay, Jkopay, and credit cards.

Automatic account deduction upon payment completion.

Expected Goals:

Queue-free payment.

Contactless payment.

Easy completion of self-payment for outpatient services.

Medication Pickup

System Features:

Automatic transmission of prescriptions to smart pharmacies.

Integration with medication pickup queue management systems.

Expected Goals:

Simplified and efficient medication pickup process.

Ability to push medication instructions and educational information to patients and their families through the app.

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